DIY Investing: How satisfied are you?

are you satisfied with your broker

DIY Investing: How satisfied are you?

NASDAQ created a survey in May 2021 “State of the Independent Retail Investor”. The goal of the survey was to assess how satisfied DIY (Do It Yourself) retail investors were with online brokerages.

The DIY retail investor became a key player in US equity trading. Their engagement began before 2020, but with Covid-19, the DIY appetite of retail investors grew significantly and drove stock markets throughout the year.

However what these survey results show is that without tools and guides investors were left to their intuition and FOMO emotions to invest. 1 out of 2 clients were not satisfied with the information they received with regard to trading strategy and decisions making from their online brokerages.

Without a strategy and decision making tools many new investors entered the market and left the market without any success.

( bridges this gap with online tools to build solid portfolios. Saving wisely by investing seriously is not a buzz phrase, it is a discipline that can be learned.

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