Your retirement safety net – how safe is it?

Many people look forward to a peaceful retirement without the time constraints of work schedules. The current pension schemes were established at a time with growing birth rates and much lower life expectancies. These systems have been tweaked through the years with the addition of occupational pension funds and individual taxed deferred retirement savings accounts.

The question is is this enough?

As the system works now, the 1st pillar of retirement funds are “Pay As You Go” systems where the workers today are paying the benefits of the retirees today. The 2nd pillar is the pension fund your employer provides you with, which is based on your own contributions. The 3rd pillar is a system to encourage you to save for your retirement with tax deferred savings accounts. would like to introduce a 4th pillar, encouraging you to own your investment decisions. In order to do this, you must be interested in your future well-being, no panic, just interest. This means starting in your 20s to understand how the system works. This also means in your 30s, 40s and 50s that you understand the benefits of dividends and how and why they are paid.’s aim is to increase financial literacy so that you are able to manage your risk of longevity, which is the risk of running out money before you die. That sounds dire, but it isn’t meant to. Saving wisely by investing seriously allows you to avoid the perils of low interest rates with banking fees and accompanying inflation, which causes you to have less money and the money that you have is worth less. The economy grows with the companies in it. In order to not only fuel a growing economy, but also profit from it, you have to own a piece of it.

Get invested.

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