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The invested.ch tools help you invest transparently, simply and affordably in just a few steps.

Find the ideal companies, the companies you know, like and trust,  and create a portfolio

Is the news about a company interesting and/or relevant? Whether via Twitter, in industry magazines or through analyst interviews – as an invested.ch member you receive clear and bundled information on interesting investment opportunities. How has the stock price evolved over the last five years? These are all questions that shareholders (in short, co-owners) should ask themselves.

Track your portfolio

Take the time you need. Track your company’s stock price. To make it easier, invested.ch has news and Twitter analysis to determine if the news and tweets of your company are positive or negative.

The choice is yours, follow our website or get your weekly portfolio report by email.

Watch how the stock performs over time and let it convince you as to when to invest. It’s your money, it’s your investment.

Sie haben die Wahl, folgen Sie unserer Webseite oder bestellen Sie unser wöchentliche Portfolio-Bericht per E-Mail.

Beobachten Sie, wie sich die Aktie im Laufe der Zeit entwickelt und lassen Sie sich von Ihrer Investition überzeugen. Es ist Ihr Geld, es ist Ihre Investition.

Buy your shares

Figure out how much money you want to invest. Divide that number by the price of the stock. </br>

This is the number of shares you want to buy. Maintain your invested portfolio accordingly and print it out.

With this information, go to the bank you trust and buy your stock. If you choose our bank partner, you can benefit from excellent conditions. Buy the shares at our partner bank by clicking on “Activate stock trading” on your portfolio page to open an account.

You can do this with our tool

Filter and Sort – Dividends are the easiest place to start. Dividends are similar to interest rates on a bank account. Use the filter and sort tool to choose your country and stock market and sort the companies by the highest dividend. 

Create your own fund – You can also create a portfolio of the companies you are a customer of.

Understand the numbers – Looking at the company page, use the tutorial to help you understand the importance of the numbers. Create a portfolio, analyze it and generate weekly reports.

With invested.ch Portfolio Tracking, you can keep track of your investments, not only how your companies are performing financially, but also what the news and social media are reporting. With our tool, you can easily analyze your portfolio to make sure you are optimally diversified. Analyze your risk with our risk-return chart.

Expectations and speculations about future developments of a company flow into every share stock price. That’s why invested.ch membership brings you a tool that summarizes for you what relevant classic and social media as well as experts and analysts are reporting about markets and companies. Our specially developed algorithm evaluates whether news is positive or negative. This sentiment analysis often serves as an indicator for short-term fluctuations and helps you to estimate future developments on the market and, if necessary, to adjust your strategy at an early stage.

With our search function, you can filter companies by industry, country, and stock market and sort your selection by market capitalization, dividend, pe-ratio, pb-ratio, dividend payout date, etc. This helps you to see which public companies are undervalued or overvalued, comparatively.

Don’t constantly watch the prices of your investments. Stay up to date with a weekly email report of your portfolio. This allows you to see at a glance what is moving the stock market and how your investments are performing. If you want to speed things up a bit, you can set your own thresholds in your portfolio in no time at all. This way you define when you will be informed by mail about a predefined price fluctuation.

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