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  • INVESTED provides you with sophisticated financial information in plain text.
  • INVESTED offers you an intelligent tool to choose companies to invest in.
  • INVESTED allows you access to a daily updated database of over 30,000 stocks.
  • INVESTED sends you a weekly email analysis of your portfolio.

Get invested!!!

Start investing and benefiting from a growing economy.
This chart compares the return of a savings account with that of a widely used benchmark (S&P 500).
The performance of stocks in the past is no guarantee of future stock price performance.

In the stock market (after 5 years, based on S&P 500 historical data)


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INVESTED members benefit from the lowest trading conditions in Switzerland through our partner bank* and pay no custody account fees.
(*FINMA registered bank in Zurich)

Comparison of Trading Fees on February 10, 2020




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