DIY Investing: Should you be using as your third party tool?

In the NASDAQ survey of retail investors published in May of 2021, it is reported that the brokerage industry added more than 10 million new accounts in 2020. It is estimated that retail investors now make up 20 percent of US equity trades, doubling the percentage of 2019, according to internal estimates at Citadel Securities.

In the same NASDAQ survey report, the Trade-Ideas survey was also cited. This survey was straightforward and designed to assess issues with which retail investors (and thus online brokers) are confronted.

One survey question asked about third party trading client preferences. There was an overwhelming response that 3rd party tools added value for retail investors.

This 81.4% positive response implies that independent service and stock information providers may be a source of new customer acquisition for brokerages, depending on the robustness of their execution API.

( bridges this gap with online tools to build solid portfolios. Saving wisely by investing seriously is not a buzz phrase, it is a discipline that can be learned.

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