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Innovative tools, transparent action!

Would you like to sit back and receive an annual dividend? Or buy and sell stocks in good companies? Regardless of your investment strategy, tools help you invest easily, transparently and profitably. (Please click on any image to zoom)

1. Trading Platform

At trade easily, transparently and inexpensively. As an member you will have unlimited access to our partner bank’s trading platform. This gives you access to all shares traded on the stock market. Our flat-rate transaction fees of CHF 18 per trade apply to an investment volume of up to CHF 15,000 – without hidden custody fees.

2. Portfolio Tracking & Portfolio Analysis

With Portfolio Tracking keep track your investments, not only how your companies are doing financially, but also what the news and social media is reporting. With our tool you can easily analyze your portfolio to make sure you are optimally diversified. Evaluate your risk exposure with our Value at Risk Chart.

3. Sentiment Analysis 

Stock prices include expectations and speculation about a company’s future. That’s why created a tool that summarizes the relevant traditional and social media, as well as reports by experts and analysts.

The algorithm assesses whether reports are positive or negative. This sentiment analysis often serves as an indicator of short-term trends, helping you estimate future market developments and, if necessary, adjust your strategy.

4. Company Search

The invested search tool allows you to quickly find the company you will be part owner of. Whether sorted by industry, country, market capitalization or dividends – as an member you quickly find what you are looking for. Using the investment value sort criteria, under-valued, good companies are listed immediately.

5. Personal Portfolio and Trigger Emails recommends to invest wisely and let your investments grow without watching them minute-by-minute.

To stay up-to-date with your investments you will receive a weekly email with your stock performance.

6. Forecasting - Coming Soon is developing its own algorithm to forecast stock market prices.