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Modern market analysis, low transaction fees, and no custody fees!

A long-term and profitable investment needs to be carefully considered – this is why helps you to find the investment opportunities that match your investment strategy and to manage your portfolio efficiently and clearly.

Find your companies and create a portfolio

Is there news about a company you find interesting? Whether traditional or social media  – as a invested. ch member you have access to summarized reports on the companies you find interesting. Has the stock price of your company gone up or down in the last five years? Is the stock overpriced or underpriced? How is the management of the company performing? These are all questions a future stockholder should be asking. At the answers are simple and easy to find.

Follow your portfolio

Take your time.  Add the companies to your portfolio and watch the stock price and the news. To make it easier, invested has a news and Twitter analysis to determine whether the news and tweets of your company picks are positive or negative. You can choose to follow your portfolio online or get a weekly email portfolio report. Observe how the stock(s) evolves over time and let your investment convince you. It’s your money, it’s your investment.

Buy your stocks

Think about the amount of money you want to invest in one company. Divide this amount by the price of one share. This is the number of shares to buy. Add this number and price of shares to your portfolio. With this information, go to a banker you trust OR buy the shares at our partner bank by clicking on “enable trading” on your portfolio page to open an account. As a member of you can easily buy and sell stocks. membership allows you  to trade with the lowest transaction fees, and absolutely no custody fees With a weekly email portfolio report, you can easily follow your stocks.