DIY Investing: What Investors Need

In the NASDAQ survey of retail investors published in May of 2021, it is reported that the brokerage industry added more than 10 million new accounts in 2020. It is estimated that retail investors now make up 20 percent of US equity trades, doubling the percentage of 2019, according to internal estimates at Citadel Securities.

Between the pandemic lockdowns, the stock markets falling worldwide, and free trading apps, those new to investing took advantage of the circumstances.

However, seriously investing is more than just buying a stock. It’s about buying and holding and diversification. Time and a well-diversified portfolio are the keys to financial success when investing. It is about all of those tools currently missing in most of the free trading apps and many of the other online brokerages.

A lot of new investors had to learn FOMO the hard way

Let us show you how to save wisely by investing seriously

( closes this gap with online tools for building solid portfolios. Saving wisely by investing seriously is not a slogan, but a discipline that can be learned.

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