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my money wisely, without speculating."

Bank accounts don't keep your money safe anymore. Instead, your savings are being wiped out by fees and inflation.
Start saving wisely.


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Investing in stocks today offers everyone the opportunity to profit from a growing economy and build wealth in spite of low interest rates and inflation.
Do you think the stock market is too complicated or too risky for you? 
We are here to support you, step by step, in creating your own portfolio and wealth.

✔ INVESTED provides you with sophisticated financial information in plain text, easy-to-understand.

✔ INVESTED offers you an intelligent tool to choose companies to invest in, become part-owner of.

✔ INVESTED allows you access to a daily updated database of over 30,000 stocks.

✔ INVESTED sends you with a weekly email analysis of your stock portfolio on which to base important decisions to optimize your success.

Get invested!!!

Start investing and benefiting from a growing economy.
This chart compares the return of a savings account with that of a widely used benchmark (S&P 500).
The performance of stocks in the past is no guarantee of future stock price performance.

We want your money to work for you
 INVESTED members benefit from the lowest trading conditions in Switzerland through our partner bank* and pay no custody account fees. 
 (*FINMA registered bank in Switzerland)
Comparison of Trading Fees on April 1, 2019


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