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Banking fees and inflation are killing your savings. Start saving wisely by investing. We offer simple and transparent investing support at the lowest fees in Switzerland for private investors.

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✔ Lowest Trading Fees in Switzerland with Swiss Broker


Saving your money is good - if you do it right

Warren Buffett says, "... the worst investment you can have is cash. Cash is going to become worth less over time. But good businesses are going to become worth more over time." 

This website is about everyone benefiting from a growing economy by enabling everyone to own pieces (stocks) of good companies.  invested.ch is firmly believes that the economy belongs to us all! 

... that's why it's our mission is to make trading, affordable and understandable for everyone.

The lowest fees for private investors 

The most promising path to a good return on stocks begins with the choice of bank or broker. If you compare fees and keep your costs low, you already have a big advantage. Our partner bank only charges transaction fees, no account fees, complete TRANSPARENCY!

Trading Fee Comparison on 01.04.2019


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