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This is a movement with the goal of democratizing the economy by encouraging and enabling everyone to own pieces of companies listed on stock markets.

Everyone is welcome at invested.ch.

Your Advantages

✔ Simple and Transparent
-  Key Financial Data - explained in plain text

✔ News and Twitter - with Sentiment Analysis

✔ Easy to understand stock and portfolio analysis
- Diversification/Correlation Charts

✔ Lowest Trading Fees in Switzerland with Finma authorized Broker

✔ Perfect Compliment to Low-Cost Brokers without Company, Stock and Portfolio Analysis


Saving your money is good - if you do it right 

When you park your money in a bank account, your savings will shrink ... year for year. By simply investing your money in reliable companies, you can not only keep up with inflation, but with our know-how, make some money with good trades and/or collect annual dividends.

invested.ch firmly believes that the economy belongs to all of us!

Our vision is to enable everyone to profit from stock trading by making it transparent, easy and simple.


Ready for the lowest fees?

Custody fees? Not at invested.ch! As an invested.ch member there are no custody fees ever – no matter how big or small your investments are.

Not only that but as an invested.ch member you also profit from flat transaction fees. A trade of up to CHF 15,000 costs CHF 18 (+taxes). With this you have the opportunity to invest profitably even with smaller amounts.


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